AMR Society 3 day show results!

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Another Supreme of Supremes for Scott Creek Juste Moment Dot Com (13yrs) young

Almighty Spectacular Moment Dot Com - SUPREME Youngstock

Second day

Scott creek Juste Moment Dot Com Supremes again

ALMIGHTY Majestic Ballerina Supreme miniature and SUPREME OF SUPREMES @ 4mth

Also Almighty Majestic Ballerina - SUPREME YOUNGSTOCK

THANKYOU AMR Society for an amazing 3 day show

Was a huger credit to Martine, Dimity and team and for the much respected Judges

For their time and support.

Iam so blessed and so proud of my little equines!



Scott Creek Juste Moment Dot Com IMP

Scott Creek Monarch Commotion X First Knights Precious Moments

Almighty Icons Majestic Ballerina

Almighty Iconic Moment Dot Com X Alliance Majestic Valentine