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sonia coleman
Agnes Water, QLD, Australia.
9:17 AM Saturday 30th July 2016 (GMT+10)
you have lovely horse beautiful will be looking for an American bloodlines mini in the very near future my sister has mini ponys but i love the tiny horses what is an average price you sell for i am not a show home i hate compition hehe but he or she wont be a paddock ornament mabe a beach bum have a great home here if you have any in the next few months you are selling i shall keep an eye on your page great website superstar_is@hotmail.com

kaz cleave
kurmond, NSW, Australia.
6:51 PM Tuesday 22nd December 2015 (GMT+10)
Im considering miniature horses as an addition to our small acreage and family. Ive not owned horses before but my neighbours do and have offered to help with my education. Im still researching and talking to horse people to be sure im up to the task. I show dogs so a miniature would primarily be as a pet. Lovely website.

Dani Messenger
Stanhope, NSW, Australia.
5:18 PM Saturday 7th February 2015 (GMT+10)
Interested in a pet in near future

Toni Taylor
Salt Ash, New South Wales, Australia.
11:26 AM Monday 10th November 2014 (GMT+10)
Loved your website.

mount compass, south australia, australia.
8:50 AM Monday 30th June 2014 (GMT+10)
please get back to me your little horses are the most beautiful I have seen so far and I have been looking for months julia

Jacquelin Burgin
Kilbride, NSW, Australia.
1:28 PM Tuesday 1st April 2014 (GMT+10)
What a stunning web site and gorgeous little ponies. And Sharon you are welcoming and lovely. Your efforets with the ponies and their achievements over the years is not surpassed by anyone.Gorgeous
Jacquelin and Caiti
Pegasus loves AMH

Doris H.
Scranton, Oh, USA.
12:22 PM Friday 21st March 2014 (GMT+10)
I really dont know much about miniature horses but think they are very cute. I am going to have a good look around your website which appears to be full of great information and try to educate myself on the subject. Thanks for such an informative website.

Childers, Qld, Australia.
5:35 PM Thursday 16th August 2012 (GMT+10)
Just perusing your pages, what beautifull Mini's you have,thier Show Record and Bloodlines are outstanding, you must bevery proud of thier feats.I have PRE Horses but due to Work related Injury am Dispersing my Stud, I too have both Stae and National Champions. I would love to see some of your Beauties. Cheers and good luck

Ebenezer, NSW, Australia.
3:13 PM Friday 18th May 2012 (GMT+10)
Hi Sharon,
just wanted to jump on here and say again how much I love all of your horses! wondering how many babies you have due this year... ? :)
hope you are well :)

Bowral, NSW, Australia.
3:44 PM Tuesday 13th March 2012 (GMT+10)
hiya nice site beautiful animals .



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